Friday, December 9, 2011

[Nu-Disco] Foster the People - Call It What You Want (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Finally a decent remix of a well deserved song, mind you I did thoroughly enjoy the original but this remix gives it a nice disco feel. Treasure Fingers is the remixer here and he does a great job in reinventing this song to make it much more danceable. Although the differences are subtle they do make quite a difference to the overall feel to the song. Kudos to you Ashley Jones.

Download - Call It What You Want (Treasure Fingers Remix)

[Pop] Cher Lloyd - Want U Back

Technically I don't like this kind of music but I'm sure many of you will agree Cher Lloyd has just got this swag about her (funnily enough she doesn't say swag in this song). Want U Back comes from her newly released album Sticks and Stones, what can i say, it's just really catchy, she sure has a way with words. Be sure to check out 'Grow Up' from the album dam she can rap, her flow is so clean and it features the one, the only BUSTA RHYMES. This one's for you Binny!

Download - Want U Back

[Dub-Electro] Example - Midnight Run (Flux Pavillion Remix)

One of the UK’s finest, Flux Pavilion, brings some serious heat with his new remix of Example‘s ‘Midnight Run’. It turns out that Example’s vocals matched with Flux Pavilion’s production is something I definitely want need to hear more of. The drop won’t be what you’re expecting, so don’t hesitate to listen and you’ll be rewarded

Download - Midnight Run (Flux Pavillion Remix)

[Electro-House] Calvin Harris - You Used to Hold Me (Trampboat Remix)

Fresh remix for one of the best (in my opinion) Calvin Harris songs. It hits pretty hard and having heard some of Trampboats other releases it has a more dance feel to it. The first time I heard this track I thought Madeon had remixed it since it sounds nearly identical to his sounds with the high energy synths combined with a slur of edited vocals. The track is a definite remix to throw on any party playlist coming up. Enjoy.

Download - You Used to Hold Me (Trampboat Remix)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

[Indie - Rock] Loon Lake - Bad To Me

The Melbourne indie-rock outfit returns with their brand new single Bad to Me. Following on from their outrageously catchy song 'In the summer', Loon Lake manages to produce a solid rock anthem song about girls behaving badly (not the good kind of bad), remind you of anyone? This could definitely be big, watch this space!

Download - Bad to Me

[Indie - Pop] Cub Scouts - Evie

Cub Scouts are an energetic Brisbane based 5 piece that have been crafting their own style of indie pop music. 'Evie' is the first single from Cub Scouts’ new EP due to be released in early 2012. Inspired by a dog (of all things) and complete with steel drums, Evie is something colourful, charming, and sure to have you singing along before the song is over!

Download - Evie

[Electronic] Miike Snow - Devil's Work

They're back! After singles like 'Animal' and 'Sylvia' there was no doubt that Miike Snow was going to return bigger and better than ever. 'Devil's Work is a great electronic-rock track, the song doesn’t work too hard to upstage prior hits like “Animal” or “Billie Holiday.” Instead, it picks up right where they left off, with a fantastically produced track and a thoroughly recognizable sound.

Download - Devil's Work

[Hip - Hop] Rizzle Kicks - Down with the Trumpets

This is a fantastic hip-hop duo from the UK called Rizzle Kicks (saying that in a British accent sounds so awesome). It seems like they already have a pretty solid following, which is definitely understandable considering their incredibly catchy hooks and inviting raps. Definitely an act to follow into the future.

Download - Down with the Trumpets