Friday, August 31, 2012

[Indie - Pop] Two Door Cinema Club - Handshake

The wait is finally over! Beacon was officially released today in Australia and how could I possibly not feature one of their tracks on The Vinyl Wall? I'm not going to lie, I had heard glimpses of the song 'Handshake' many a time before today, one instance in particular was during the album trailer on youtube and ever since I knew this was the track was the one I wanted to hear the most. It's similar to 'Come Back Home' from Tourist History.

Two Door Cinema Club - Handshake

[Dance] Madeon - The City ft. Zak Waters

Oh look it's our good friend Madeon back with his third single of this year. I've said all I can about this kid - he is an absolute production freak. 'The City' is no exception, it's probably the french man's best track to date. Crisp vocals from Zak Waters that complements the songs perfectly energetic beat, it's just everything you expect from the kid. I waited a couple of days to post this one because i didn't want to give you the crappy radio rip.

Madeon - The City ft. Zak Waters

[Indie - Pop] Dog is Dead - Glockenspiel Song

I found this song a couple of months ago but I never got around to actually downloading it because there was no way to get it. Well lucky for you I randomly remembered to get a copy of it. This song is interesting, it is the epitome of Indie songs (just wait until you watch the video clip). I can say however that it is equally enjoyable and uplifting, as the name suggest the glockenspiel features heavily but also look out for the extraordinary sax work.

Dog is Dead - Glockenspiel Song

[Indie - Pop] Terraplane Sun - Get Me Golden

I don't know about you but I had no idea that this song featured in the movie 21 Jump St, I can't pinpoint a time where I could imagine it being played. Anyways what you do need to know is that Terraplane Sun are an aspiring group who have an instantly recognisable similarity to Foster the People. As spring approaches I can't think of a better song to welcome it. Terraplane Sun's new EP Friends will be out in October.

Terraplane Sun - Get Me Golden

[Synth - Pop] Generationals - Lucky Numbers

A new track from Generationals who will be releasing a brand new EP Lucky Numbers in October. The title track is all about the synthesizer, it has a great 80's feel about it and you can't help but smile in happiness. It doesn't even matter that this song has lyrics, when a song is this much fun all you do is enjoy the ride. So as the weekend approaches, I hope that this song puts you in the right mood for it!

Generationals - Lucky Numbers

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Electro - Pop] Faded Paper Figures - Piledrive

In 2010 this Faded Paper Figures were on the verge of greatness, they then dropped off the face of the planet and were never to be seen again. They return in 2012 with 'Piledrive' and to that I say, you bastards where have you been! The electro - pop band put their best foot forward here, churning out what could be one of the catchiest songs that we will see this year. Skittering synths and a chorus big as the moon, what's not to like?

Faded Paper Figures - Piledrive

[Alternative] Sr. Sly - Ghost

This song is shrouded in mystery. Reports suggest that Sr. Sly is a collaboration between members of Foster the People and KO KO, both which have featured on The Vinyl Wall. I'm not surprised, the style and vocals are heavily influenced by both of these bands and the lead singer sounds awfully like Mark Foster....hmmm. For now we have this song and all we can do is speculate. The song itself is a melancholy synth-rock piece with plenty of depth, so check it.

Sr. Sly - Ghost

[Dance] Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing feat. Florence Welch

Well on paper it seemed like a perfect pairing. The stunning vocals of Florence Welch paired with a typical Calvin Harris bouncy beat makes for an absolute dance hall banger. It seems of late that a pattern is beginning to form, taking love strung vocals and layering them over a bouncy ever-building beat and that is exactly how I would describe this song. For now Florence will be taking a year off before working on her next album, best of luck flo.

Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing feat. Florence Welch

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Hip - Hop] Hoodie Allen - Feel The Love (prod. by RJF)

As most of you know I rarely post hip - hop songs on The Vinyl Wall, but when I do it's Hoodie Allen. New songs from Hoodie give me that heart swelling feeling of excitement and 'Feel the Love' did not disappoint (when does Hoodie ever?). The song is basically a testament to how fortunate he is to be making a living creating music for the masses. His flow is crisp, his lyrics are meaningful and RJF's sweeping production gives the song a loving vibe.

Hoodie Allen - Feel The Love (prod. by RJF)

[Psych - Pop] Inspired & the Sleep - And As These Days Go By...

Inspired & the Sleep are a trio from San Diego that specialise in psychedelic pop rock. I don't really know how to describe this band. When I saw the song I wasn't expecting much from it, it was only until I heard it that there was something so amusing about their sound. It's a corky and innovative song that will leave you hanging for more. I think the thing I like most about the song is the obscure guitar which jumps in soon after the start.

Inspired & the Sleep - And As These Days Go By...

[Alternative] YesYou - Frivolous Life (ft. Marcus Azon)

Brisbane-based duo YesYou were highlighted last year as one of Triple J's Next Crop. The busy twosome have just released a brand new single, 'Frivolous Life' which includes the vocals from Jinja Safari's Marcus Azon. Again, it's synth drenched and upbeat - while the addition of Azon's high - ranged vocals to YesYou's classy production is a masterstroke. They're working on their new EP at the moment, so check it out when it's released!

YesYou - Frivolous Life (ft. Marcus Azon)