Friday, September 21, 2012

[Indie - Rock] Hungry Kids of Hungary - Sharp Shooter

Brisbane's four piece Hungry Kids of Hungary have always produced music that inspires equal measures of curiosity and joy - "Sharp Shooter" is no exception. Infused with a health dose of 60's pop and lashings of soul "Sharp Shooter" signals the Brisbane outfit's return in style. Most noticeably the track features some pretty jangly guitar work as we come to expect from these guys. Eagerly awaiting the new album due early next year.

Hungry Kids of Hungary - Sharp Shooter

[Electro - Pop] Strange Talk - Cast Away

Brand new track from one of Australia's favorite electro pop groups Strange Talk. There's nothing really new about "Cast Away", I would've hoped to have seen some progression or maturity of sound with Strange Talk considering it's been a year since their last release. This is not to say this is a bad track, it's still the Strange Talk we all know and love, their classic edgy synth work is on show once again. Look out for the debut album early next year!

Strange Talk - Cast Away

[Electro - Pop] St. Lucia - September

So it's finally here, the brand new track "September"from the electro pop group St. Lucia. Well the wait was worth it as they deliver another brilliant pulsating track that just comes under 6 minutes long. I can best describe "September" as a synth drenched explosion of sound. From the beginning it builds up slowly before hitting it's climax, from then on it launches into a layer of dance ready synths and well after that I lost track because I was too busy dancing.

St. Lucia - September

Thursday, September 20, 2012

[Indie - Pop] Peter and Kerry - I Don't Know

If there's a song out there with more charm than Peter and Kerry's "I Don't Know" I definitely haven't found it. Their debut album La Trimouille is blissfully charming, simple and sweet but at the same time contains some real depth and enough complexity to keep us fascinated. "I Don't Know" features some pretty neat interplay between the male and female vocalists - Kerry's voice in particular carries the song with varying levels of intimacy.

Peter and Kerry - I Don't Know

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[Synth - Pop] The Good Natured - She Drives Me Crazy (Fine Young Cannibals Cover)

Just a fun little cover from The Good Natured of the 1989 #1 hit "She Drives Me Crazy". It's definitely been pulled down a couple of notches here but the tune is instantly recognisable as the 80s jam we all know and love. Singer Sarah McIntosh's soft and dreamy vocals sound fantastic over the simple snare and synth arrangements. Did I mention the cowbell, we can never get enough of that cowbell, love it!

The Good Natured - She Drives Me Crazy (Fine Young Cannibals Cover)

[Electro - Pop] Chvrches - The Mother We Share

Chvrches have come out of nowhere and blown up the blogosphere with their latest release "The Mother We Share". From what I have gathered Chvrches are an electro pop trio from Glasgow. The female lead's voice soars across a barrage of sparkly synths and hard hitting percussion but still manages to maintain a certain amount of delicacy and grace. Best thing to come out of Scotland since Sean Connery.

Chvrches - The Mother We Share

Monday, September 17, 2012

[Indie - Rock] Mother Mother - Infinitesimal

Mother Mother are currently streaming their much anticipated fourth studio album The Sticks before its release tomorrow and boy does it impress. For those who don't know, Mother Mother are a five - piece Canadian indie - rock band and 'Infinitesimal' is exactly the kind of quirky song that I had expected from them. The amazing vocal harmony, the clever, offbeat lyricism and the dynamic instrumentation all make for a memorable song.

Mother Mother - Infinitesimal