Saturday, April 13, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Antonio Paul - Tra$h Party

It feels like an eternity since Antonio Paul started producing music. “City Dreams” was such an important track in my life and showed me how much of an impact music can have on one’s emotions. The Bunbury boys from Western Australia have always managed to make me smile with their quirky indie rock style, and today was no different.
What I love most about these guys is how overtly Australian they are in their songs. Their newest single, “Tra$h Party,” is testament to this, possessing ample amounts of Aussie hip-hop flair, yet enough precision in their rock deliverance to make this a truly entertaining number. I struggle to understand how these guys aren’t the biggest ticket in WA yet — they are just pure talent.
Hybrid pop like this doesn’t come around that often, so embrace it!

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