Friday, November 16, 2012

[Indie - Pop] New Navy - Regular Town

New Navy back with a brand new single just in time for the Australian Summer. "Regular Town" has that typical lush and uplifting New Navy tone to it. Signature jangly guitars and perfect vocal accompaniment makes this track well suited for one of those hot summer days, just take a look at the cover art. They're another major Aussie act to follow next year just like San Cisco, and with this single, they're definitely on the right track.

New Navy - Regular Town

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Dance] Panama - One Piece

Sydney's Panama are back with their brand new EP It's Not Over featuring 7 truly magical tracks. For their very first EP, Panama have demonstrated that they are masters at creating sweeping productions. Their sound is so refined and pleasant to the ear. "One Piece" is one of my favourites on the EP because it just makes you want to get up and dance in some way or another. "One piece at a time, brings us back togetherrr," love it!

Panama - One Piece

[Synth - Pop] Future Screens - All My Daydreams

Future screens are an indie flavoured synth pop outfit from Brooklyn who have just released their second single. "All My Daydreams is a lush, electronic, wall of sound as buzzing bassline and shuffling beat power the track along while reverby vocals and tides of synths crash against the track like waves. It goes big and bright with a synth line that gets straight stuck in your head. Looking forward to more work from these guys in the future.

Future Screens - All My Daydreams

[Indie - Rock] We Are The Grand - Save The Bullets

We Are The Grand are a four piece indie rock band from Santiago, Chile. I don't really know much else about these guys, most of the information about them is in Spanish unfortunately. "Save The Bullet" has this kind of brit - pop influence to it and it features some pretty clean, edgy guitar work if I must say so. Sooo yeah I thought this would be an interesting posts of sorts because the song is sung entirely in English.

We Are The Grand - Save The Bullets