Friday, September 7, 2012

[Indie - Pop] Walk The Moon - Shiver Shiver

Walk the Moon and I have an interesting relationship. I've followed them ever since they released their debut LP 'I want! I want!' back in Jan 2011. Well here we are in 2012 and these guys are making a name for themselves with a brand new album. This one track in particular 'Shiver Shiver' makes me extremely happy to see them back in action. It's everything Walk the Moon have ever been about - real honest music but with a delectable and bouncy backdrop.

Walk The Moon - Shiver Shiver

Thursday, September 6, 2012

[Alternative] Swim Deep - Honey

On the back of signing a new record deal and acquiring a new bass player Birmingham's Swim Deep have announced their latest single 'Honey'. This particular single sees them inhabiting a dreamy blissed out backdrop that they appear to have made their own in recent times. Swim Deep resonate with a feel - good vibe and 'Honey' brims with the kind of confidence that all newly signed bands should rightly exude.

Swim Deep - Honey

[Indie - Pop] PartyClub - Those Girls

Fortunately enough after only posting one of their older songs the other day PartyClub have released a brand new single today. 'Those Girls' starts off where 'Young and Free' left off with that delightful party vibe. There is never a dull moment in the song and as the lead sings 'I put on those dancing shoes and those girls watch me as I throw my moves' that's exactly what I feel like doing. So grab your dancing shoes and get down!

PartyClub - Those Girls

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[Indie - Pop] Frank + Derol - Barely Love You Too

Brandi Cyrus (yes Miley's older sister) and Codi Caraco have just released their debut EP as Frank + Derol and as you will soon find out Brandi has the more favourable gene pool in terms of looks and vocal ability. Finding a nice niche in alternative pop, 'Barely Love You Too' is audacious and complex, it combines transparently raw lyrics with meticulous instrumentation delivering a sophisticated melody for two very young starlets.

Frank + Derol - Barely Love You Too

[Alternative] Delicate Steve - Wally Wilder

There is a catch to this song - there aren't any actual lyrics, what is does contain however is 4 minutes of absolutely blissful guitar work. If you've heard Loud Pipes by Ratatat before you would be familiar to this type of instrumental haven. The multiple shrills and turns of the chipmunk-like guitar waver through your body and remind you that vocals aren't needed to make music as good as this. Hats off to this band and their musical philosophy.

Delicate Steve - Wally Wilder

[Dance] The Killers - Runaways (Pierce Fulton Remix)

As we await the release of the fourth album from The Killers Pierce Fulton drops an anthemic remix to get us all very excited. It builds perfectly onto the original and in my opinion lifts the song to a new level creating a dance floor edition, I mean you couldn't really dance to the original could you? Keep in mind that this is only a preview at this stage with the full version to be released soon. On the topic of The Killers, Battle Born will be released on the 14th of September.

The Killers - Runaways (Pierce Fulton Remix)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[Indie - Pop] PartyClub - Young and Free

Although the four boys from York are not that well established at the moment I think PartyClub will have a great future in this so called 'indie - bounce' genre. On first listen you will find that there is a LOT going on in this song, but then again what did you expect from a band called PartyClub? 'Young and Free' is about celebrating our youth and the song delivers in making us dance, smile like idiots and bop our heads with joy.

PartyClub - Young and Free

[Surf - Rock] Abadabad - All The Bros Say

Now normally I'm not a huge fan of Surf - pop/rock but I honestly can't get enough of this song. 'All The Bros Say' is filled with beachy, glimmering guitars and a simple but driving percussion that pushes it forward. I'll be honest here, it actually has some emotional variety to it, enough so to actually catch you at your heartstrings. The delivery of the vocals are sincere and suit the style of the song perfectly. The Wild EP comes out Sept 11th.

Abadabad - All The Bros Say

[Synth - Pop] Electric Youth - The Best Thing

I present you today with a brand new single from the Canadians Electric Youth. 'The Best Thing' is a mix of retro pop, glittering synths and mature intimate vocals. You may be familiar with these guys from a song they did in the hit movie Drive - A Real Hero. Well on the back of their success with that song they're out to prove that they're in it for the long run and with tracks like this I don't doubt them.

Electric Youth - The Best Thing

Monday, September 3, 2012

[Indie - Pop] Sticky Fingers - Caress Your Soul

More Australians doing us proud, they just grow up so fast! Sticky fingers is a 4 piece band from Sydney who have furrowed themselves into this quite unique sound, unlike anything we have heard. 'Caress Your Soul' has it all; the falsetto melody, the punctuating keys and finally, the drop into that tightly wound upbeat reggae feel that just works so well for them. It's a really nice tune utilising the quiet/loud thing to good effect.

Sticky Fingers - Caress Your Soul

[Indie - Pop] Dog Is Dead - Talk Through The Night

Yes I know I just posted a Dog Is Dead song a few days ago but it turns out they've just released the second official single from the album All Our Favourite Stories, and trust me it's good. 'Talk Through The Night' as described by the band is an ode to the anti-cool, an homage to friendship and not giving a shit. This song showcases an exuberance and enthusiasm that other bands crave and would kill to have. Album out 8th of October!

Dog Is Dead - Talk Through The Night

[Psych - Rock] Melody's Echo Chamber - I Follow You

Melody's Echo Chamber or Melody Prochet as she is formally known is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Paris. With the help of Kevin Parker from Tame Impala (Aussie Pride!) Melody is releasing her self-titled LP next month. The influence is clearly evident in 'I Follow You' which incorporates a swirling mix of psych - pop and dreamlike electronics resulting in that perfect modernised psychedelic sound.

Melody's Echo Chamber - I Follow You

[Indie - Rock] Rah Rah - Prairie Girl

The Canadians are looking to wet our appetite yet again with another release off their upcoming album The Poet's Dead (Oct 2nd). There's just something so enticing about this band, namely the vocals on the tracks. All the vocalists have this contrasting yet complimentary quality to their voices which is unique to Rah Rah. Team this up with a driving beat and and plethora of instruments and you have a wonderful song.

Rah Rah - Prairie Girl