Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[Alternative] King Charles - Love Blood

I'll round off today with some pretty cool stuff from King Charles. I mean it's interesting more than anything especially the voice of King Charles, it's different, a good kind of different. 'I've got love in blood and i got you on my brain', the melody flows effervescently with a kind of reggae feel to it. Equipped with a ringing guitar and a stern beat I can safely say Love Blood will be on repeat for the next couple of days.

Download - Love Blood

[Dub-Electro] Outkast - Mrs. Jackson (Cry Wolf Remix)

I guess were getting a little dubstep heavy today but I really can’t help it. This Cry Wolf remix brings some glitchy heavy bass to one of everyone’s old school favorites from Outkast. The best part about this is how the duo maintains the original integrity of the track amidst the creation of a banger. I suggest checking that out there Mr. Brightside remix as well.

Download - Mrs. Jackson (Cry Wolf Remix)

[Dubstep] Adventure Club - Do I See Color

While Adventure Club Dubstep have become notorious for their dubstep remixes of indie classics such as Metric’s “Collect Call” and Flight Facilities’ “Crave You,” they haven’t necessarily gotten much attention for their original tracks. In fact, I couldn’t even name one for you. That was until a couple days ago, at least.
Adventure Club Dubstep’s original track “Do I See Color” has torn the blogosphere a new one, quickly rising to the top ranks of both Soundcloud and Hypem.

Download - Do I See Color

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[Indie - Pop] Mausi - Sol.

Mausi is a 4-piece band coming out of Newcastle, UK but they're described as "Anglo-Italian". Siblings Daisy and Thomas are the Italian half while former classmates at Ben and Benji provide the English heritage.'Sol' speaks to this mixed heritage as Mausi plays with the precision we've come to expect from British bands as well as the sexual energy Italian music and culture exudes".

Download - Sol.

[Electronic] Miike Snow - Paddling Out

Another single drop and another Miike Snow fan left hanging for more from this Album. "You ... say ... isn't it hard?" Not the most upbeat of hooks, but Miike Snow makes it work in their new single, "Paddling Out," the first official single off their forthcoming second album, "Happy To You," which drops March 27. The beat stutters and stops infectiously as the disco-tinged track goes on: Just try not to dance.

Download - Paddling Out

[Alternative] Oberhofer - Heart

I've followed Oberhofer quite loosely, there's a lot to like about him but there's still a lot i don't know about him. “HEART” is sweeping and grandiose in a mature, considered way I haven’t heard from Oberhofer before – it hangs on to his knack for simple, catchy melodies and lovelorn lyrics and introduces some haunting orchestral elements, and the final product is just as charming and sincere as ever

Download - Heart