Friday, November 9, 2012

[Alternative] Alabama Shakes - Always Alright

So here's an unexpected release from R&B rock inspired Alabama Shakes. "Always Alright" comes from the soundtrack of the much anticipated rom com Silver Linings Playbook featuring the lovely Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) and the charming Bradley Cooper (The Hangover). For a fairly new band Alabama Shakes sound like they've been around for decades.  It hasn't "officially" been released but here's a sneak peak!

Alabama Shakes - Always Alright

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[Indie - Pop] The Little Ones - Argonauts

So it's been a good four years since L.A.'s The Little Ones released their debut album and I was pretty worried that I wasn't going to hear from them again. Well they surprised me with the news of a new album + a new song! The first track "Argonauts" is as every bit joyful and youthful as their earlier work. Chopped up vocals and a bouncy rhythm leave them sounding confidently catchy. New album is due for release in Feb next year.

The Little Ones - Argonauts

[Indie - Rock] John Wean - M.A.P

John Wean are four Scottish lads who write songs above love, life and their biggest interest - girls. Standing for "Morning After Pill", "M.A.P" is the latest release taken from the New York Doesn't Love You EP released back in May. The single is an immediately pulsating proposition from the stirring base tease and rapping drum beats; a perfect slice of brit pop pie. It continues the impressive presence of band and sound.

John Wean - M.A.P

Sunday, November 4, 2012

[Indie - Pop] San Cisco - Nepal

So we're getting closer and closer to that illustrious 23rd day of November where we will witness the release of the debut self-titled LP San Cisco. There's not much more I can say about these guys, they have grown more than I could have ever imagined in this past year. "Nepal" is just another preview of what I guarantee will be a brilliant debut album. Jordi's vocals are becoming quite impressive, he will no doubt lead San Cisco to great things.

San Cisco - Nepal

[Indie - Pop] Achoo! Bless You - Before We Say Goodbye

Sydney indie - poppers Achoo! Bless You have just released their debut single "Before We Say Goodbye".  If there was ever to be a replacement for the famous Angus and Julia Stone combination, Achoo! Bless You is sitting in pole position. Ashleigh Steel an Ross James Tripper are proving to be a perfect combination for a girl/boy folk/pop/something duo. There is so much cuteness and warmth wrapped into a little pop song.

Achoo! Bless You - Before We Say Goodbye

[Folk - Rock] Dan The Man - Everybody, Nobody

Dan Haggis, the beloved sticksman of The Wombats has just recently decided to try his hand at a solo career. His new and self-titled solo album dishes out some proper pop that your ears are sure to fancy. The third track on the album, "Everybody, Nobody"is a standout. It doesn't have that quirky brit-pop sensibility that we know and love but if you enjoy the work from Of Monsters And Men you'll definitely enjoy this track.

Dan The Man - Everybody, Nobody

[Indie - Rock] Moss - We Never Part

Now for some rhythmic indie rock from the Netherlands! Moss are a 4 piece band that have just released a new uplifting antheesque track called "We Never Part". They've released a couple of albums to date, they're latest one being Ornaments back in February, but it seems Moss could possibly be on track for bigger things judging by the quality of their production. For now we can only hope that this sound carries through to the next album.

Moss - We Never Part