Saturday, February 2, 2013

[Electro - Pop] Strange Talk - Picking Up All The Pieces

Hey guys, here's an exclusive sneak peak into the debut album Cast Away from one of my favorite Aussie electronica acts Strange Talk. Out of the entire album "Picking Up All The Pieces" would have to be the most reminiscent of their older work. Strong electro vibes, catchy vocals and hypnotic electronic undertones give this song a real ebb and flow feel about it. "Morning Sun" is probably the other standout track, worthwhile checking out.

Strange Talk - Picking Up All The Pieces

[Indie - Pop] The Lion's Children - She Knows

Where's the best place to find amazing indie pop in Australia? Brisbane of course! The Lion's Children are five piece group who grew up together on the gold coast. "She Knows" is their debut single and it definitely looks like a promising start. Strong catchy melodies, subtle harmonies combined with a huge sound of drum, bass, keys and guitar - this is a band that is bursting with energy. Hard not to fall in love with these guys.

The Lion's Children - She Knows

[Indie - Rock] Misun - Battlefields

I don't really know how to describe a genre of aquawave, but apparently that's what Washington's Misun does best. You may have heard "Harlot" a few weeks ago, a single in which the trio showcased some interesting hybrid pop. "Battlefields" is no different,   it would actually fit really well in a Quentin Tarantino movie in my opinion - it's got that western badass feel to it. In any case it's catchy as all hell and i'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Misun - Battlefields

Sunday, January 27, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Hospital - Time Will Tell

Moscow indie rockers Hospital have just recently dropped their LP When The Trees Were Higher, and coming from Russia, it really is quite special. "Time Will Tell" is not something that you would picture coming out of the Russian capital but Hospital are proving that their indie pop rivals that of the scandinavians and brits. Pristine angular guitar lines with underlying electronic creativity will leave you in a state of pleasurable warmth.

Hospital - Time Will Tell

[Indie - Rock] Heyrocco - Elsewhere

Heyrocco! Great name for a band and an even better single to begin their 2013 campaign. "Elsewhere" is an explosion of echoing guitars, tight powerful rhythms and floating high pitched vocals creating an intimate yet chaotic sound of Heyrocco. The trio, based in South Carolina have formed a bond of music, style and creativity and have been spreading their ideas with the world ever since. They're actually good friends with Brave Baby who we featured recently.

Heyrocco - Elsewhere