Thursday, December 13, 2012

[Indie - Rock] Foals - My Number

I would've posted this earlier but the only audio footage I had of it was from a live performance. Anyways, here's the latest single from the much anticipated Foals album Holy Fire and I'm liking this one much more than "Inhaler". It speaks to me and in my opinion is a little more Foalish (yep I made this word up). Still I'm digging the evolution of these guys but it's still nice to hear something familiar with the precise deliverance.

Foals - My Number

[Chill] Broke For Free - Budding

Tom Cascino, the man behind San Francisco's electronic act Broke For Free, just recently dropped his latest EP Gold Can Stay, and it is an absolute masterpiece. The EP is based around the many guitar harmonies and layers that were sent to to Tom by Mark Edwards. "Budding" is a laid back electronic instrumental which works perfectly for any lazy morning with all the elements working so perfectly together in this dreamy number.

Broke For Free - Budding

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Indie - Dance] Peking Duk - The Way You Are

As far as song's for the summer go, Peking Duk's "The Way You Are" is right up there as a must have on anyone's playlist. It's an incredibly simple song but at the same time, terribly addictive and catchy as all hell. I never knew how well suited jangly guitars would be in a dance number but here I am absolutely loving this release from the Canberra duo. Peking Duk not only tastes good, but it sounds even better. Get your copy now!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

[Christmas] Indie Christmas Playlist

Welcome to the 2012 Indie Christmas Playlist! With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, here's a few songs (mostly covers of famous xmas songs) to get you in the mood for the holidays! Quite the array of talent here if you ask me with most of these bands having featured on The Vinyl Wall before. Not much else to say but have a safe and merry Christmas!

fun. - Sleigh Ride (Johnny Mathis Cover)

The Shins - Wonderful Christmastime (Paul McCartney Cover)

Millions - All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey Cover)

Alice Jemima - Driving Home For Christmas (Chris Rea Cover)

Monday, December 10, 2012

[Indie - Rock] Set Sail - Charleston

It's an oldie, but definitely a goodie, Set Sail make the perfect music to play in a H&M or Urban Outfitters store. "Charleston" is from the Hey! EP released back in May and is a ripper of a song. It's an extremely short single, but it really doesn't need to be any longer, perfect for a quick dance. Punchy rhythm, surf-rock guitars and a chorus that will rock your socks off, you'll definitely fall in love with this number, no doubt.

Set Sail - Charleston