Saturday, December 8, 2012

[Electro - Pop] Urban Cone - Kings & Queens

Yet another electro - pop act from Sweden Stockholm that has great potential. I present to you Urban Cone, a 5 piece band specialising in some unique and quirky electronic influenced pop anthems. "Kings & Queens" is a single from their debut album Our Youth which was released last October and is oh so very infectious. The song hardly gives you time to settle as it explodes into a ring of uplifting synths. Great things to come from the Swedes in the near future.

Urban Cone - Kings & Queens

Thursday, December 6, 2012

[Indie - Pop] Carousel - Stay Awake

Carousel and they're incredible pop sensibility are back with a brand new track to go along with their second EP. Made up of Kevin Friedman and Jackson Philips from Brooklyn NY Carousel have been making huge waves in the past few months with their beautiful and poppy approach to music. "Stay Awake" is no different and offers us another brilliant slice of humble pop pie. Nothing better than some Carousel to help you get to sleep.

Carousel - Stay Awake

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

[Indie - Rock] Hungry Kids of Hungary - Twin Cities

So single #2 from the new album You're A Shadow to be released in March next year. All I can say is; stop whetting our appetite! "Twin Cities" follows more of a surf rock/pop vibe, perfect for an afternoon in the sun. The production this time round seems a lot more cleaner and crisp in my opinion and has a very similar vibe to many of the song released on Escapades back in 2010. Triple J Hottest 100 voting starts soon, don't forget to vote for "Sharp Shooter"!

Hungry Kids of Hungary - Twin Cities

[Electro - Pop] Delphic - Baiya

So opinions are divided on this new Delphic track. On one hand people love the new pop vibe, others however miss the old atmospheric elements. "Baiya" clicked with me instantly, it's a much cheerier track than usual, fully loaded with slick hooks, swooning vocal harmonies and a breakbeat vibe. This is probably why I enjoyed it so much. New album Collections is due out on the 28th of January and we are very much looking forward to it.

Delphic - Baiya

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

[Indie - Rock] Hey Ocean! - Big Blue Wave

It's a bit of a cheesy song but Hey Ocean! do cheesy oh so very well. The Canadian rockers released this one a while back on their third album IS earlier this year but hasn't received the recognition it deserves. Like I said before it's one of those typically corny/cheesy love songs but at the very same time it is quite catchy. Fun fact, the lead singer Ashleigh Ball is the voice of My Little Pony's Rainbow Dash and one of the Care Bears I think.

Hey Ocean! - Big Blue Wave

Monday, December 3, 2012

[Electronic] Goldroom - Sweetness Alive (feat. S L L)

Goldroom (aka Josh Legg from Nightwaves) has a brand new track out which kind of slipped under the radar for me. Featuring the luscious vocals of SLL (Formerly Saint Lou Lou), Goldroom presents us with another original track after a stint of remixes - and this one was well worth the wait. "Sweetness Alive" is an amalgamation of dreamy synths, emotive vocals, and tropical disco grooves perfect for any occasion.

Goldroom - Sweetness Alive (feat. S L L)

[Hip - Hop] Big Boi - She Hates Me (feat. Kid Cudi)

With Big Boi's imminent release of his second album Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors he has shared yet another track. Now this track "She Hates Me" is a collaboration worth writing about. It features the one and only Kid Cudi who has been quite the busy rapper of late. No doubt anytime Cudi features in a song, it instantaneously becomes a whole lot smoother and bearable. Well we've almost heard half of the album and its sounding decent.

Big Boi - She Hates Me (feat. Kid Cudi)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

[Indie - Rock] Steelwells - Hands Up

5 piece California rockers Steelwells have gifted us a free download of their 4 track Cool Kids EP this week and it's definitely worth a listen. Can't speak much about their older work but if it's any consolation I am thoroughly enjoying their new stuff! It's a bright, guitar based EP full of colourful melodies and "Hands Up" is a perfect way to start anyone's journey into the Steelwells music. I get the impression that they're a really nice bunch of guys.

Steelwells - Hands Up