Friday, April 6, 2012

[Indie - Dance] Mark Foster, Kimbra & A-Trak - Warrior

So I've saved the best for last. I stumbled upon this last night and it is an absolutely amazing collaboration between Mark Foster (Foster the People), Kimbra and A-Trak. For those of you listening, you’ll note instantly that this sounds a lot more like Foster the People than anything else. Frankly, I have no idea how to even detect A-Trak’s presence, but that’s okay. It’s still a pretty sick song.

Download - Warrior

[Hip - Hop] Hoodie Allen - No Interruption

New York hip-hop upstart Hoodie Allen is set to drop his debut EP, ‘All American’ , next month, which features the incredible ‘No Interruptions’. Taking a more mainstream approach, this RJF-produced number is sample-free and packs a poppy punch. Allen’s flow and bravado are commanding, making him sound like the chart-topping rap sensation he has the potential to be. Definitely one for the ‘To Watch’ lists.

Download - No Interruption

[Pop] Mr. Little Jeans - Runaway

Mr Little Jeans is not a Mr, and I can’t speak to a level of intimacy with her that I’d know how little her jeans are, but I suggest you try getting past Monica Birkenes’ inaccurate performance moniker and getting into her music, which is actually quite fantastic. I'm especially loving “Runaway,” a sweeping, maximalist, and vaguely (but appealingly) creepy pop jam with a great beat you’ll probably only hear on the second listen because of how amazing Birkenes’ voice is.

Download - Runaway

[Indie - Rock] Tigercats - Full Moon Reggae Party

Tigercats have released their latest single into the wild, "Full Moon Reggae Party." Even though the title is slightly misleading (the track features no werewolves, or syncopated rhythms), the track is a quirky track that manages to be cute without falling into the twee trap. The video for the song is a rather stunning piece of psychedelic animation which has to be seen to be appreciated.

Download - Full Moon Reggae Party

[Alternative - Rock] Jubilants - Spain

Indie pop is striving in Australia, with bands popping up all over the place. Despite this glut, Jubilants have all the ingredients necessary to carve out their own niche. Starting cautiously and deliberately, “Spain” really opens up when the first chorus hits. Smooth and energetic, this track draws comparisons with Foals’ work, highlighted by their use of sparkling, enticing guitar and tropical percussion.

Download - Spain

[Pop - House] Martin Solveig ft. Thomas Mars - The Night Out (Madeon Remix)

I've been a massive fan of the 17 year old frenchman Madeon. Showcasing a production maturity that we’ve now come to expect, it is a perfect demonstration of his irresistibly funky pop-house style. If you ever wanted proof as to why this guy is worth the hype, this is it. Absolutely exceptional, this guy smashes it every time.

Download - The Night Out (Madeon Remix)

[Electro - Pop] Capital Cities - Kangaroo Court

With it's abundance of poppy electro synths, occasional trumpet blast (really the icing on the cake if you ask me), and smooth vocals, "Kangaroo Court" has that perfect-for-summer vibe that would make it great for the pool and outside adventures. So whether you have or haven't heard of Capital Cities, be ready to blast this song while the wind rustles your hair.

Download - Kangaroo Court

[Dream - Pop] Shadows on Stars - Here

Here is one of many good tracks on the new album of Shadows on Stars. I like hearing both lead singers Randa and Brian sing together and really dig what they did with the last minute of the track. It’s not so much that Shadows On Stars is stepping outside the box with this song, but filling that box with an ocean of guitar riffs, synths, reverb and heart. I can dig that.

Download - Here

[Electro - Pop] Van She - Idea of Happiness

I honestly thought these guys were dead, I had heard nothing from them for 3 years and then suddenly BAM, they release this gem. A brooding and synth-heavy electro tune, ‘Idea of Happiness’ shows the band’s talent for creating infectious hooks and gigantic choruses. I'm not sure if the listened to Kid Cudi while writing this track, but there’s a serious resemblance to the chorus of Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” in a very, very delicious way.

Download - Idea of Happiness

[Indie - Pop] KO KO - Float

Brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhorn make up duo KO KO, and there’s a certain closeness in the music and lyrics that seems to reflect this. The California natives make music that combines intimate lyrics with gently catchy melodies. Take ‘Float’, for example. Vulnerability and summer pop collide in this tale of carrying on against adversity, creating one of the lo-fi indie gems of the year.

Download - Float

[Indie - Rock] The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

This Los Angeles group have maintained a shockingly low profile for this day and age. The diversity of sounds are reminiscent of Foster the People's genre-bending indie-rock-folk-hop. Hip hop-ish vocals that turn haunting in an instant and organic acoustic guitars are all driven and enabled by a pulsating urban-esque rhythm; there's even a hint of sampling. I'm going to say it, The Neighbourhood are a band to watch.

Download - Sweater Weather

[Pop] Aura Dione - Superhuman

First song that i would like to share is Superhuman by Aura Dione, not heard of her before this song and I don't really have much to say about this song apart from IT'S REALLY CATCHY. She's from Denmark, which is definitely not my first guess and she's pretty popular in Europe at the moment, check the song out!

Download - Superhuman