Monday, April 15, 2013

[Electro - Pop] Empire Of The Sun - Alive

So yep it's been almost 5 years since we have heard any new material from the Aussie duo, but in 2013 Empire Of The Sun have returned in style with their first single "Alive" taken from the highly anticipated sophomore album Ice On The Dune. 

I'll be honest and say there was a lot of nonsense surrounding the promotion of this newest album, what with movie styled trailers and deciphering hieroglyphics, but hey I guess Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore can do whatever they want with their status.

This latest offering isn't groundbreaking, but it's typical EOTS with their bright shimmering electronics and danceable pop sensibility well in tack. It's definitely going to be pleasing the masses and will build the anticipation for the album release even further.

Ice On The Dune is out in June, but you can start pre-ordering on the 16th of April.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

[Electronic] Little Daylight - Name In Lights

It’s only been two months since the release of “Overdose,” and yet we’re already treated with yet another single from one of this years most exciting prospects, Little Daylight. As far as follow up singles go, “Name In Lights” reaches a level of dreaminess that the first single could never quite find.
It’s a much more downtempo approach from the New York trio, showcasing their delicate fragile vocals over a set of ambient atmospherics. I have a feeling that this single is going to attract the attention of a lot of remixers, what with those sultry female vocals on deck.
Another solid single from the newcomers!

[Indie - Pop] Antonio Paul - Tra$h Party

It feels like an eternity since Antonio Paul started producing music. “City Dreams” was such an important track in my life and showed me how much of an impact music can have on one’s emotions. The Bunbury boys from Western Australia have always managed to make me smile with their quirky indie rock style, and today was no different.
What I love most about these guys is how overtly Australian they are in their songs. Their newest single, “Tra$h Party,” is testament to this, possessing ample amounts of Aussie hip-hop flair, yet enough precision in their rock deliverance to make this a truly entertaining number. I struggle to understand how these guys aren’t the biggest ticket in WA yet — they are just pure talent.
Hybrid pop like this doesn’t come around that often, so embrace it!

[Indie Pop] Fairchild - Burning Feet

I’m truly blessed to be living in Australia, what with all the talent that we seem to be churning out across the nation. Fairchild, or Fairchild Republic as they were formally known, are yet another upcoming Aussie indie pop band hailing from the Gold Coast in Queensland.
“Burning Feet” is their very first offering under the new moniker, and it’s good ol’ catchy indie pop with the band’s trademark bouncy guitars and sweet, sweet melodies. With production partner Catherine Marks in the building, it seems like they could be onto something special here (considering she’s helped build the success of some pretty awesome bands like The Killers, Foals and Death Cab For Cutie — they’re doing pretty well these days, right?).
Also, let it be known that Fairchild is no stranger to live performance. They’ve shared the stage with a wide range of Indie Shuffle favorites including Neon Indian, Parachute Youth, Last Dinosaurs and Flume.
“Burning Feet” will feature on their forthcoming self-titled EP, to be released in July.

Monday, March 25, 2013

[Indie - Pop] RAC - Lovefool (ft. Liz Anjos)

Don't you get excited when you see new material from RAC? I know I do, especially when it's a cover! RAC have just released their cover of the Cardigans 90's hit single "Lovefool" after reaching 30k fans on Facebook. 

What can I say, it's just that wonderful feeling of nostalgia that makes this cover work so well. Teaming up with Liz Anjos (who featured on their Smashing Pumpkins cover) once more the Remix Artists Collective have recreated yet another pop gem. 

Free download, so click the link and enjoy!

Friday, March 22, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Swim Deep - She Changes The Weather

So, it was getting pretty late here in Perth and I was contempt to just head off to bed after a hard day at work. Just before I could turn off my computer, I was greeted by Swim Deep’s newest single “She Changes The Weather” via a friend’s post on Facebook. Turns out that this is literally the most beautiful song I have heard this year.
We’re no strangers to Swim Deep, but this single is a welcomed change of pace from their usual grungy surf pop/rock. That two-minute intro built on that wondrous reverberating piano really does wonders in capturing your heart and imagination — I think I was almost in tears from pure happiness.
If that wasn’t enough, the lyrics “She makes me feel like I can see for miles/She changes the weather in my bones, seem like it’s never getting cold” are oh-so-warm and heartfelt. The boys from Birmingham have really outdone themselves on this occasion. Every second of this song is filled with pure beauty and adoration.
Taken from their upcoming debut album Where In Heaven Are We, “She Changes The Weather” has got me very excited indeed.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Noah And The Whale - There Will Come A Time

So let me get something straight, brand new albums from Phoenix, The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, Empire of The Sun, Cold War Kids and now Noah & The Whale in 2013? Seems like it's going to be a fantastic year for music. 

"There Will Come Time" is the lead single from their fourth album Heart of Nowhere and is a rather upbeat approach from the Twickenham quintet. Imagine The National playing upbeat music, this is exactly what they would sound like. 

Heart of Nowhere is scheduled to be released on the 6th of May - mark it in your calendars like the rest of 'em.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[Electro - Pop] Owl Eyes - Closure

Owl Eyes (aka Brooke Addamo) has had quite the journey from reaching the top 11 in the 2008 Australian Idol to wowing audiences with her cover of Foster the People's hit single "Pumped Up Kicks". It seems not all hope was lost by her elimination in the idol series as she now has a set of 3 EP's under her belt and a debut album on the way titled Nightswim

The lead single "Closure" is absolute pop magic. For a young lady of just 22 years of age, she is producing music way beyond her years - a testament to her shear determination and personal growth over the years. Glittering synths and angelic vocals over a deeply layered ethereal backdrop, there isn't anything more you could ask from this single. 

Nightswim is out April 19th so get pre-ordering!

[Indie - Pop] The Features - This Disorder

The Features fell onto my radar a couple of years ago when they were featured on the Twilight, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 soundtrack. Not that I watched the movie, but the soundtracks of the series actually uncover some pretty decent indie artists.

"This Disorder" is the lead single from their newest self titled album to be released mid May this year. The track only gets dancier as it builds up to a spiky chorus - though it never bursts into full indie-disco mode. The Features' self-titled new album is due May 14, making for their fifth full-length and first since 2011's Wilderness

Here's hoping they stay healthy enough for another five.

[Mashup] Cassius vs Outkast - Feeling For Rosa (Flight Facilities Mashup)

I'm not usually a fan of many mashups, but when Flight Facilities are involved it definitely receives my full attention. Their latest work "Feeling for Rosa" is a mashup between Cassius' "Feeling For You" and Outkast's "Rosa Parks" which was created for their 90's mix.

They weren't actually going to release as a separate download, but due to popular demand they decided to give it out for free. So how's the mashup? Pretty damn funky if you ask me. I had loved both songs back in my day and combining them was absolute genius.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Vampire Weekend - Step/Diane Young

So the wait is finally over! Today was the day that the world got what they wanted - brand new material from New York's illustrious Vampire Weekend. No more replaying live acoustic sets or live performances at festivals, the studio versions are here.

The strange thing is we received two new tracks, not just one, but hey I'm not complaining! Both of them will appear on the highly anticipated third studio album Modern Vampires of The City. The first track "Step" definitely has a very Contra feel to it, but also takes some elements from earlier tracks "M79" and "Walcott".

"Diane Young" probably needs a bit of time to grow on me I think. It's definitely a different sound and comes off slightly aggressive for my liking. If there's anyone to sway me it's Ezra Koenig for sure.

[Folk - Pop] Vance Joy - Riptide

It's not everyday that your second single gets roughly 50,000 plays in one week on Soundcloud, but that's exactly what Melbourne's Vance Joy (aka James Keogh) has experienced with his second single "Riptide". Hopefully it's not just James' mum that is pressing that play button on Soundcloud haha.

If you're a fan of the old folk-pop scene then you'll love the sound he's producing at the moment. I know I've spoken about my love for the banjo before, but the ukelele in this particular number lifts this song to new heights. Much like Mumford & Sons have their banjo, Vance Joy has his trusty ukelele.

There isn't actually one boring bit in this song! It's filled with numerous hooks and well-constructed bridges, there's just so much going on in this song, but James' strong vocal performance will have you captivated all the way through.

The single comes from his debut EP God Loves You When You're Dancing  to be released this Friday in Australia. Enjoy!

[Electro - Pop] Little Boots - Broken Record

Continuing that dark electro pop sound that we witnessed with "Motorway," Little Boots has released the second single from her second studio album Nocturne.

"Broken Record" plays much like a broken record, which by itself is quite amusing, but at the same time it is quite literally a throbbing-disco-candy-stick-hip-thruster of a song with bells on.

Believe me when I say that you will be singing the chorus over and over and over again. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Jinja Safari - Plagiarist

Well it was about time that we heard a new single from Jinja Safari! "Plagiarist" is the first single from their self-titled sophomore album to be released on the 17th of May. 

Lots of fun to be had with this single, bringing those fast paced Vampire Weekend like guitar lines and their signature jungle beats. There's something so very infectious about these guys and I can't quite put my finger on it.

Great start to 2013 for the Sydney lads. 

[Electronic] Goldroom - Sweetness Alive (Wax Nostalgic Remix)

As good as the original was, I always knew in the back of my head that Goldroom's "Sweetness Alive" had great potential to be remixed by someone special. Enter Canada's Wax Nostalgic or David Hayes as he's known to get the job done. 

There's a certain amount of nostalgia associated with his remixes and this one is no different. I didn't think it was possible, but the wonderful vocals performed by Saint Lou Lou shine even more brightly in this stripped down version. You can instantly tell that David was looking to enhance their vocals with his selection of atmospherics.

Certainly less dance-y, but all the more relaxing.

[Alternative - Rock] Mainland - Wasted

These guys had me fooled, I was convinced that they were English! No, but seriously they sound exactly like a cross between The Kooks and The Strokes. It doesn't matter, they sound awesome!

Mainland are a Brooklyn garage rock quartet and the single "Wasted" comes from their latest 2 track EP released late last year. Like I said before they really have established quite a convincing brit pop sound, they could be a good prospect in the future.

Check out "Stroll", their other single from the EP. It won't disappoint.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Hunter Hunted - Operating

Remember these guys? Dan Chang and Michael Garner (former members of Lady Danville) of Hunter Hunted are back with their debut self titled EP after the most successful release of "Keep Together" earlier this year.

"Operating" fits nicely within its own niche, combining elements of both pop and rock to transport the listener to a place of euphoria. You will instantly recognize those soaring vocal harmonies over a synthy, blissed out backdrop.

Much love for these guys at the moment. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

[Chillout] Bon Iver - Flume (Kulkid Remix)

Remixing any Bon Iver song seems like a crime, but Kulkid manages to take "Flume" to another surreal level. The addition of handclaps, a slight shift in the guitar speed and a pulsating beat was all it really needed to become one of those late night chillout tracks. 

I just want to be laying down in a massive field watching the stars as this remix plays in the background, Kulkid has really impressed with his take on this once solemn ballad. 

Click the download button below and it's all yours!

[Indie - Pop] Generationals - Put A Light On

Truth be told, I didn’t really enjoy the last couple of releases from Generationals, but this latest single, “Put a Light On,” from their new LP Heza rings true with me this time round. The New Orleans duo have taken their time to craft something quite special here; it’s the perfect little pop piece sprinkled with copious amounts of sugar and happiness.
It’s just the sort of song that will instantly make you feel insanely happy with its chiming bells, excessive handclaps and overall poppy charm. Perhaps I’ve rekindled my interest in the LP since hearing “Lucky Numbers,” and I’m hoping for plenty more songs to follow suit, fingers crossed.
Perfect way to start the weekend!

[Electronic] The Other Tribe - We Should Be Dancing

What should we be doing this weekend? I'd say we should be dancing right? Pretty good advice from Bristol's The Other Tribe who are injecting their raucous energy into the coming weekend. "We Should Be Dancing" is the latest single from the sextet and it feels awfully like it belongs at a tribal dance party.

Much like their fellow countrymen Friendly Fires this group of men have a knack of using their throbbing bass and hypnotic percussion to create a surreal and dangerous atmosphere. At the moment they just seem to be releasing one single after another, but they do have an album in the works which should be released by the end of this year.

Check out their mixtapes or 'Tribecasts" as they are known, excellent party material.

[Motown - Pop] Robby Hunter Band - Hard On Me

Little surprised to see Miami's Robby Hunter Band releasing new material on a Friday considering I rarely come across anything new during the weekend. Nonetheless I will review the hell out of their debut single "Hard On Me".
'...a dancey dollop of doo-wop that merges Motown pop appeal with Phoenix-y fatness, all the while taking on the timeless subject of sexual frustration. Relieve your auditory boules bleues with a jam that your grandma can get down to.'
I like that description and it probably sums up the song quite nicely to be honest. I would say that they have a very Chromeo like sound, minus the electronic elements, but throwing in Breakbot's soulful beats.

These guys literally joined Facebook about a week ago and will be performing at Austin's SXSW showcase over the weekend - talk about being thrown into the deep end!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[Indie - Rock] Pet Lions - Fifteen

Pet Lions consists of Karl Ostby, Shuhei Yamamoto, Matt Dahl and Joseph Murphy. The band was formed in late 2008 in Chicago and released their debut full-length Houses in 2011 and continued to build upon their foundation of “immediately appealing indie-rock equally filled with sonic surprise and familiar melodiousness”.

 "Fifteen" comes from the newest EP Popular Nature and showcases their knack of producing gloriously smooth glowing rock.

[Indie - Pop] Inspired & The Sleep - Sink

We've feature the San Diego trio Inspired & The Sleep previously, but I never understood the meaning behind their name. It revolves around the concept of feeling completely inspired to take hold of life and be the best person you can be the next day before going to bed.

With the lead vocalist Max Greenhalgh being an insomniac, the moniker is something that rings quite closely to his heart. Enjoy "Sink" their brand new track for 2013.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Nightbox - Burning

Fell in love with these guys a couple years back when they released their debut EP. It was around the time I was trying to find a suitable act that could rival the likes of TDCC and Nightbox fit the bill quite nicely at the time with songs like "Pyramid" and "Bears".

Well they're back in 2013 with the lead single "Burning" to be released with their debut album this year. It's definitely a good start and a very good indication of the direction they're heading towards.

[Indie - Rock] Warships - Heater

Warships are an indie pop/rock band from Los Angeles. The quintet's mix of laid back pop grooves and earnest, playful song-craft is a contrast to many of their contemporaries. Soon after forming, they attracted the attention of producer Raymond Richards, and enlisted the help of mixing engineer Darrell Throp, to create their debut EP Shadows. "Heater" is full of undeniable hooks and a haunting chorus dressed in dreamy atmospherics.

Warships - Heater

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[Indie - Rock] Phoenix - Entertainment

Even though I'm still struggling to understand the artwork from the legendary french rockers I honestly couldn't care as long as they're still making music. So you may have heard, there's a new album on the way in April called Bankrupt and "Entertainment" is the lead single being premiered last night on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show. It starts off with some asian infused synths but soon enough Thomas Mars vocals reminds us what we've been missing for 4 years.

Phoenix - Entertainment

[Hip - Hop] Hoodie Allen - Fame Is For Assholes (Ft. Chiddy)

It's Hoodie Allen baby! The only I reason I still listen to hip - hop is because of this man and I'm glad he's back. So he's got a new mixtape coming out in a couple of days but he's given us a preview with his release of "Cake Boy" and "Fame Is For Assholes", the latter staying true to the original Hoodie style. Featuring none other than Chiddy (from Chiddy Bang) this track delivers in every aspect - Clever lyricism, flowing verses and just a killer chorus.

Hoodie Allen - Fame Is For Assholes (Ft. Chiddy)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

[Synth - Pop] Chvrches - Recover

Our good Scottish friend Chvrches are back with their brand new single "Recover" following up the massive success of "The Mother We Share". It was always going to be a rather difficult ask to come up with something even remotely as good or better as the previous single but my word have they come close. Lauren's voice is heavenly, almost angelic and is just so well suited to those sparkly, heavy synths in this particular piece.

Chvrches - Recover

[Indie - Pop] Banglade$h - Lean

New Zealand indie pop! Never heard of these guys before but I'm sure it won't be long till they're on the tip of everyone's tongue. "Lean" is their second single as far as I can see and it's your typical upbeat, jangly guitar driven pop piece - something very similar to New Navy. Probably one of the few New Zealand bands that have actually delved into this genre and hopefully we'll see more to come from our good neighbours.

Banglade$h - Lean

[Indie - Rock] Atlas Genius - If So

So you may or may not have heard the following track, it all depends on one thing - have you ever played FIFA 13? If not this is entirely new material from the Aussie indie rockers, if you have, you'll find that this was released on the soundtrack of the game. Either way it forms part of Atlas Genius's upcoming debut album When It Was Now featuring 7 brand "new" tracks. What do you guys think? It's pretty good honest rock and has a great pop sensibility.

Atlas Genius - If So

Saturday, February 2, 2013

[Electro - Pop] Strange Talk - Picking Up All The Pieces

Hey guys, here's an exclusive sneak peak into the debut album Cast Away from one of my favorite Aussie electronica acts Strange Talk. Out of the entire album "Picking Up All The Pieces" would have to be the most reminiscent of their older work. Strong electro vibes, catchy vocals and hypnotic electronic undertones give this song a real ebb and flow feel about it. "Morning Sun" is probably the other standout track, worthwhile checking out.

Strange Talk - Picking Up All The Pieces

[Indie - Pop] The Lion's Children - She Knows

Where's the best place to find amazing indie pop in Australia? Brisbane of course! The Lion's Children are five piece group who grew up together on the gold coast. "She Knows" is their debut single and it definitely looks like a promising start. Strong catchy melodies, subtle harmonies combined with a huge sound of drum, bass, keys and guitar - this is a band that is bursting with energy. Hard not to fall in love with these guys.

The Lion's Children - She Knows

[Indie - Rock] Misun - Battlefields

I don't really know how to describe a genre of aquawave, but apparently that's what Washington's Misun does best. You may have heard "Harlot" a few weeks ago, a single in which the trio showcased some interesting hybrid pop. "Battlefields" is no different,   it would actually fit really well in a Quentin Tarantino movie in my opinion - it's got that western badass feel to it. In any case it's catchy as all hell and i'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Misun - Battlefields

Sunday, January 27, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Hospital - Time Will Tell

Moscow indie rockers Hospital have just recently dropped their LP When The Trees Were Higher, and coming from Russia, it really is quite special. "Time Will Tell" is not something that you would picture coming out of the Russian capital but Hospital are proving that their indie pop rivals that of the scandinavians and brits. Pristine angular guitar lines with underlying electronic creativity will leave you in a state of pleasurable warmth.

Hospital - Time Will Tell

[Indie - Rock] Heyrocco - Elsewhere

Heyrocco! Great name for a band and an even better single to begin their 2013 campaign. "Elsewhere" is an explosion of echoing guitars, tight powerful rhythms and floating high pitched vocals creating an intimate yet chaotic sound of Heyrocco. The trio, based in South Carolina have formed a bond of music, style and creativity and have been spreading their ideas with the world ever since. They're actually good friends with Brave Baby who we featured recently.

Heyrocco - Elsewhere

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[Electronic] Delphic - Don't Let The Dreamers Take You Away

Delphic's newest album Collections will be released in a few days so I thought I'd give you guys a sneak peak of one of more outstanding tracks. "Don't Let The Dreamers Take You Away" is a dreamy electronic masterpiece by the electronic trio from Manchester and showcases how diverse the group have become over the years. What was once an atmospheric rock group has become an ambient electro pop outfit in 2013. Change isn't always bad though, right?

Delphic - Don't Let The Dreamers Take You Away

Monday, January 21, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Gentlemen Hall - Sail Into The Sun

Introducing Gentlemen Hall, a sextet of men hailing from Boston who have managed to make one of the happiest songs of 2013. These guys are very much "unsigned" for reasons that are beyond me and considering they're like a mash up between MGMT and Passion Pit - honestly who wouldn't sign that! Anyways the song "Sail Into The Sun" was recently released by the band as a means to somewhat "get noticed"  and I think they've definitely done that.

Gentlemen Hall - Sail Into The Sun

[Indie - Rock] Foals - Everytime

So If you haven't heard, Foals third album Holy Fire has been leaked and is available for download. While I usually don't condone illegal downloading, I honestly couldn't wait to hear the full album, mind you I'll still be purchasing the album in all its 320 Kbps quality next month. First opinion? Well "Bad Habits" and "Everytime" are absolute gems on first listen and well the rest I can imagine will follow suit in true Foals style.

Foals - Everytime

Saturday, January 19, 2013

[Indie - Pop] The Royal Concept - World On Fire

So it's our good friend The Royal Concept who have shared with us a previously unreleased track that was just recently previewed on a tv show called Arrow. It's definitely one of the more dancier tracks that the Swedes have released but nonetheless it is still of the highest quality. In a way i'm glad this was an unreleased song because this isn't the direction I would like TRC to take in the future with their debut album this year.

The Royal Concept - World On Fire

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[Indie - Rock] Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile

Hooray for the return of the Cold War Kids! Their new single "Miracle Mile" was rather unexpected but let me assure, very warmly welcomed as most of you will agree. The Californian rockers fourth studio album Dear Miss Lonelyhearts will be one of the most anticipated releases of this year (April 1st). It's pretty upbeat for A CWK song but nonetheless, Nathan Willett's trademark powerful vocals will definitely touch your heart.

Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[Indie - Rock] Coasts - Oceans

Newcomers Coasts are another indie band from the UK on the rise and with a single like "Oceans" it's easy to see why. Drawing similarities to their countrymen Foals and Friendly Fires the five piece tropical guitar band from Bristol are really quite talented. With those big brooding lyrics and anthemic choruses, Coasts adds their own signature style to those tropical melodies made so famous in 2012. Here's hoping they get noticed in 2013.

Coasts - Oceans

Thursday, January 10, 2013

[Indie - Rock] Brave Baby - Magic and Fire

A five piece indie band out of South Carolina named Brave Baby have delivered this absolute gem of an indie rock anthem. Not a lot on the web about these guys but I did find out that they were originally called Wylie. "Magic and Fire" is the second single from their debut album Forty Bells which looks fondly at the childhood home we've all got. It's just good honest rock enhanced by some killer guitar lines and an undoubtedly catchy chorus.

Brave Baby - Magic and Fire

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[Indie - Pop] The Last Royals - Friday Night

The Last Royals, a two piece indie pop band from  New York have just dropped their debut album Twistification with "Friday Night" being the lead single. It's a nice mix between heart felt love pop and good old dancy, synthy electro pop in my opinion - you're getting the best of both worlds. The rest of the album is much the same and to be honest it was quite refreshing to hear such an amusing sound. Highly recommend checking out the full album.

The Last Royals - Friday Night

[Indie - Rock] Train Robbers - Suns

God I love coming across bands like these, especially when they're Australian. Train Robbers are the pride of Sydney at the moment and "Suns" is good enough to show the rest of Australia why. The four piece band are kind of like a mash up between The Strokes and Last Dinosaurs, sounds pretty good right? "Suns" is their third single, and if it's any indication of their quality, they're going to be hanging around the music scene for a while.

Train Robbers - Suns

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

[Indie - Pop] fun. - Sight Of The Sun

"Sight Of The Sun" was originally meant to feature on fun.'s original album Some Nights but due to some copyright infringements with the chorus's sample they had to re-record it and has now been released as part of the soundtrack of HBO's Girls. It's typical fun. and I really should've even class these guys as indie anymore - they're pretty big now right? Anyways I'm sure most of you would be interested to hear it so go ahead.

fun. - Sight Of The Sun

[Indie - Pop] Hunter Hunted - Keep Together

Former Lady Danville members Dan Chang and Michael Garner are back with their newest project Hunter Hunted. "Keep Together" is very Lady Danville like, soaring vocal harmonies over a synthy, blissed out backdrop. It's quite like the material we would expect from Passion Pit or the Naked and Famous - loveable electro/synth pop. Much to expect from these guys in 2013 and here's hoping they can fill the shoes of Lady Danville.

Hunter Hunted - Keep Together

Sunday, January 6, 2013

[Indie - Pop] American Authors - Believer

Fresh new four piece indie pop band for you all from Brooklyn, NY. American Authors manage to create these amazing poppy hooks from absolutely nothing. I haven't heard a single thing about these guys yet they possess all the charisma, charm and energy to keep them in the game for the long run. "Believer" is one hell of a track and will have you dancing right from the get go with a heart stomping beat and similarities to Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere".

American Authors - Believer

Thursday, January 3, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Swim Deep - The Sea

The Birmingham four piece are back with their brand new single "The Sea" which sees the indie poppers on the path to stardom. Continuing that feel-good vibe and incorporating elements of rock and surf, this single is sure to put you in the right mood for one of those cold wintery nights next to the fireplace. It's kind of funny that their appearance lends people to believe that they're a bit grunge-y but in reality they make some really catchy pop melodies.

Swim Deep - The Sea