Friday, March 22, 2013

[Indie - Pop] Swim Deep - She Changes The Weather

So, it was getting pretty late here in Perth and I was contempt to just head off to bed after a hard day at work. Just before I could turn off my computer, I was greeted by Swim Deep’s newest single “She Changes The Weather” via a friend’s post on Facebook. Turns out that this is literally the most beautiful song I have heard this year.
We’re no strangers to Swim Deep, but this single is a welcomed change of pace from their usual grungy surf pop/rock. That two-minute intro built on that wondrous reverberating piano really does wonders in capturing your heart and imagination — I think I was almost in tears from pure happiness.
If that wasn’t enough, the lyrics “She makes me feel like I can see for miles/She changes the weather in my bones, seem like it’s never getting cold” are oh-so-warm and heartfelt. The boys from Birmingham have really outdone themselves on this occasion. Every second of this song is filled with pure beauty and adoration.
Taken from their upcoming debut album Where In Heaven Are We, “She Changes The Weather” has got me very excited indeed.

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