Saturday, March 16, 2013

[Chillout] Bon Iver - Flume (Kulkid Remix)

Remixing any Bon Iver song seems like a crime, but Kulkid manages to take "Flume" to another surreal level. The addition of handclaps, a slight shift in the guitar speed and a pulsating beat was all it really needed to become one of those late night chillout tracks. 

I just want to be laying down in a massive field watching the stars as this remix plays in the background, Kulkid has really impressed with his take on this once solemn ballad. 

Click the download button below and it's all yours!

[Indie - Pop] Generationals - Put A Light On

Truth be told, I didn’t really enjoy the last couple of releases from Generationals, but this latest single, “Put a Light On,” from their new LP Heza rings true with me this time round. The New Orleans duo have taken their time to craft something quite special here; it’s the perfect little pop piece sprinkled with copious amounts of sugar and happiness.
It’s just the sort of song that will instantly make you feel insanely happy with its chiming bells, excessive handclaps and overall poppy charm. Perhaps I’ve rekindled my interest in the LP since hearing “Lucky Numbers,” and I’m hoping for plenty more songs to follow suit, fingers crossed.
Perfect way to start the weekend!

[Electronic] The Other Tribe - We Should Be Dancing

What should we be doing this weekend? I'd say we should be dancing right? Pretty good advice from Bristol's The Other Tribe who are injecting their raucous energy into the coming weekend. "We Should Be Dancing" is the latest single from the sextet and it feels awfully like it belongs at a tribal dance party.

Much like their fellow countrymen Friendly Fires this group of men have a knack of using their throbbing bass and hypnotic percussion to create a surreal and dangerous atmosphere. At the moment they just seem to be releasing one single after another, but they do have an album in the works which should be released by the end of this year.

Check out their mixtapes or 'Tribecasts" as they are known, excellent party material.

[Motown - Pop] Robby Hunter Band - Hard On Me

Little surprised to see Miami's Robby Hunter Band releasing new material on a Friday considering I rarely come across anything new during the weekend. Nonetheless I will review the hell out of their debut single "Hard On Me".
'...a dancey dollop of doo-wop that merges Motown pop appeal with Phoenix-y fatness, all the while taking on the timeless subject of sexual frustration. Relieve your auditory boules bleues with a jam that your grandma can get down to.'
I like that description and it probably sums up the song quite nicely to be honest. I would say that they have a very Chromeo like sound, minus the electronic elements, but throwing in Breakbot's soulful beats.

These guys literally joined Facebook about a week ago and will be performing at Austin's SXSW showcase over the weekend - talk about being thrown into the deep end!