Saturday, March 16, 2013

[Motown - Pop] Robby Hunter Band - Hard On Me

Little surprised to see Miami's Robby Hunter Band releasing new material on a Friday considering I rarely come across anything new during the weekend. Nonetheless I will review the hell out of their debut single "Hard On Me".
'...a dancey dollop of doo-wop that merges Motown pop appeal with Phoenix-y fatness, all the while taking on the timeless subject of sexual frustration. Relieve your auditory boules bleues with a jam that your grandma can get down to.'
I like that description and it probably sums up the song quite nicely to be honest. I would say that they have a very Chromeo like sound, minus the electronic elements, but throwing in Breakbot's soulful beats.

These guys literally joined Facebook about a week ago and will be performing at Austin's SXSW showcase over the weekend - talk about being thrown into the deep end!

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