Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[Indie - Pop] TV Girl - I Wonder Who She's Kissing Now

“I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now” obliges our eardrums with retro samples that either makes us ponder our own lovelorn pasts or propel us into a lush state of musical wonderment. TV Girl is like a good recipe. Everything is in moderation, making for a sun-sprinkled, indie pop creation sailing on just the right amount of vinyl sampling.

 Download - I Wonder Who She's Kissing Now

[Alternative] St. Lucia - All Eyes On You

The name is not coincidental. St. Lucia is a relaxing, romantic getaway in the Caribbean, but for our purposes is more importantly the inspiration for which the South African artist titled his project. The moving precision of arrangements and distinctive musical shape dances through the brain and– plainly said–makes you feel good.

Download - All Eyes On You

[Electro - Pop] Ben Browning - Feels Like

Ben Browning, bassist for Cut Copy is out with a solo EP - Lover Motion. The 5 track solo outing includes talent by Gus Franklin and Haima Marriott of Architecture in Helsinki and fellow Cut Copy mate Dan Whitford. "Feels Like” is another infectious pop song propelled by a bass line which pops in all the right places. I must admit it does have a very Cut Copy feel to it, this isn't a bad thing.

Download - Feels Like

[Electro - House] The Naked and Famous - Young Blood (Futurecop! Remix)

Futurecop!, did we just become best friends? With an affinity for all things 80s and a knack for face-melting synths, I’m going to go with “yes”. Futurecop! incorporates their signature retro-glam sound to the tune, delivering a glittery summer jam that will help us get through the week! The Tiesto remix of this song is absolute rubbish by the way.

Download - Young Blood (Futurecop! Remix)

[Indie - Rock] Zulu Winter - Silver Tongue

England's Zulu Winter will release Language, their debut album that has the immediate appeal of pop while at the same time packed with emotional insight. That's our kinda music, people! I invite you to take a listen to the upbeat "Silver Tongue," which is driven by an energetic bass line that leads to a danceable chorus.

Download - Silver Tongue