Saturday, August 25, 2012

[Indie - Rock] Fine Times - Hey Judas

Allow me to introduce to you Vancouver duo, Fine Times. Although they have questionable taste in artwork (what the hell is going on in the track cover?!) they have a lovely grasp on synth - soaked indie rock. 'Hey Judas' is the type of song that will get stuck in your head whether or not you like it or not, I am a testament to this. It's cemented in its own loop of chords that never seem to get old, not to mention the catchy anthemic chorus.

Fine Times - Hey Judas

[Alternative] Rubblebucket - Oversaturated

Rubblebucket is a Brooklyn based indie band that is getting plenty of press and praise for their chaotic and eclectic brand of genre-bending melodies. 'Oversaturated' is a cut off of the groups upcoming EP, the track is a pretty good example of the group's sound - a musical potluck, composed of technically proficient musicians which makes their name seems pretty fitting. The sounds produced by this group however remains over all harmonious and pleasant.

Rubblebucket - Oversaturated

Friday, August 24, 2012

[Rock] Evermore - Follow the Sun

Now who remembers Evermore? Running, Light Surrounding You, Hey Boys and Girls, sound familiar? Well indeed they're back with a brand new single 'Follow The Sun'. Enough about the past let's talk about where they're heading, 'Follow the Sun' is big and anthemic, Jon Humes vocals supported by a marching band and a soft piano backdrop, add some upbeat synths and there you go - Evermore at its best. Warning - serious nostalgia imminent.

Evermore - Follow the Sun

[Indie - Pop] Kids of 88 - Lala

I hadn't heard from these guys in a long long time. It just so happens that I went to check their FB page yesterday and funnily enough they were releasing their brand new single 'Lala' today! Coincidence? No it's fate. By the looks of it Kids of 88 have progressed to a more mature sound which is exactly the direction I wanted them to head towards. It's still fun and poppy but its a much more refined sound in my opinion.

Kids of 88 - Lala

[Electro - Pop] Ruby Frost - Water to Ice

Now some music from New Zealand born Ruby Frost. The greatest joy I experienced with this particular song 'Water to Ice' is the fact that if you listen closely to the chorus it sounds like she sings 'We don't wanna do a horse' whereas the actual lyrics read 'We turn water to ice', silly NZ accent, and no Ruby you shouldn't want to do a horse. All jokes aside the song features Ruby's powerful vocals with soaring synths, similar stuff to Bjork.

Ruby Frost - Water to Ice

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Indie - Pop] Foster The People - Love

I don't know about you but I was completely unaware that FTP had released 3 bonus tracks for their tour edition of Torches - those sly dogs. I would love to talk about  all of them but one that stood out for me was 'Love'. The song features the typical and loveable vocals of Mark Foster with a piano bass driven backdrop creating a playful and vibrant song about 'Love', don't worry it's not at all soppy and romantic, it has some real swag about it.

Foster The People - Love

[Alternative] A Silent Film - Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well

Bringing together the best of The Killers and Coldplay with an immensely danceable pop backdrop, A Silent Film has a real winner on its hands in 'Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well'. I can only describe this song as blow-your-mind epic pop, the song spills over with ear-catching hooks and singable moments creating a song just itching to go viral. There is also an acoustic version of this song which is just as beautiful and worthwhile a look.

A Silent Film - Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well

[Indie - Pop] Alpaca Sports - I Was Running

Alpaca Sports are a lovely Swedish duo formed by Andreas Jonsson and Amanda Akerman. 'I Was Running' is an indie pop jam with great vocal harmony between Andreas and Amanda. It's a great mid week pick-me-up kind of song. It's an irresistibly joyful pop-rock song that muses, 'I was running/I didn't know where I was running/They were laughing/Oh, they were laughing at me,' over playful acoustic guitars and some sweeping strings at the end.

Alpaca Sports - I Was Running