Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[Indie - Pop] Polarsets - Just Don't Open Your Eyes Yet

Wooo Indie Pop overdose. Polarsets are Rob Howe, Mickey Smith and James Rudd, three lads from the land of Little Comets, glorious tropical weather and Alan Shearer— Newcastle, England. With fast-paced guitar, electronic accents and energetic vocals, their songs reminds me of a simpler, more cowbell-loving Two Door Cinema Club.

Download - Just Don't Open Your Eyes yet

[Hip - Hop] Sol - Stage Dive

An absolute must listen and one of the chillest hip/hop song I have come across in a while. Well this track has got a great beat, then Sol coming in with a very on point flow and rhythm. Hearing real music like this is refreshing in the midst of so many rappers not offering much other then trying to be famous. This is off his upcoming EP which I can’t wait for. Enjoy!

Download - Stage Dive

[Indie - Pop] Swiss Lips - DANZ

I know two things about this band, for one they are from Manchester and secondly they will be very successful. As of now they have released 3 songs - 3 very good songs heavily influenced by the likes of Friendly Fires, Passion Pit and MGMT. Believe me it was extremely hard to post just one of their songs, i would have loved to post them all! This is music for people who have their happy switch permanently flicked on and this is further evidenced by their tune, Danz. SYNTH HAPPINESS.

Download - DANZ